About the photos in the website

I am very grateful to the authors of the photographies in my website:

  • BAWFAL, Bangladesh (Dec. 4, 2007) Citizens of Bawfal offload food rations from a Marine CH-46E, assigned to the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit MEU (Special Operations Capable). U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Bryson K. Jones.
  • CAR refugees in Cameroon, via photopin
  • Corn Field., via
  • EOD Soldiers oversee Humanitarian Mine Action training with Chad soldiers, via photopin
  • General Assembly of the UN, via photopin
  • Scrum, via photopin
  • Table Kicker Soccer. Marcus Spiske/
  • Texas Hold’em Poker. Marcus Spiske/
  • Wheat Field, Tom Eversley

Continuous Learning

I will not go now through all the courses and events I have attended since I decided I wanted to be a translator. Nevertheless, I will list some of them, as I find they reflect quite well my main interests and fields of specialization.
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